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Words are perhaps our most wondrous invention – beyond that of fire, even – for without words, what would we have called the blaze? -Elizabeth Martin

Word of the Day

In our class, each student chooses a word and quote and writes it on the board on the morning. The word helps the class increase its vocabulary (a word that can easily be incorporated into everyday conversation or presentations or both but is different from the day people usually express themselves). An adjective or adverb is suggested since each is more adaptable than a noun or verb, but, we make no demands on the selection of the special word.

On the morning write the word large enough to be seen from the back of the room, write its part of speech (adjective, adverb, noun, etc.), and define it. Provide an example sentence or two that shows how the word is used. To help the class internalize this word, and to spice this segment with interest, we tap on our desks each time that word is used throughout the day. We encourage you to tap on anything solid anytime the word is used even outside the classroom (but do not be ridiculous or distract teachers in other classes about it). Each student is encouraged to integrate this word at least once during the day and a presentation. We write down who correctly uses the word of the day or its derivative.

Elizabeth Martin puts it well when she says, "Humans love words, even at the beginning of our lives. Anyone who has kids remembers how fascinated they are when they discover words. That first expression of comprehension is priceless – their eyes widen, and you can see the light bulb shining."

Quote of the Day

Underneath the word, please provide a meaningful quote. The quote is a thoughtful, inspiring, line that sets the atmosphere for the day's routines and is a welcome option for the class. Find a meaningful quotation, preferably one that relates to theme, and prepare a brief introduction to the quote. Treat it as a mini-speech of than less two minutes, and practice before delivering it to the class.

Words and quotes improves the atmosphere, enhances listening skills, and is invaluable to build confidence. When called by the homeroom teacher, please stand at the front and deliver the word and quote to the group, all in less than three minutes.

Word & Quote Selection

Word Quote (author) Presenter Change
  If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never be original. (Ken Robinson) A.E. Michalak increase 3
  Don't count the days. Make the days count. (Muhammad Ali) Student increase 1
  If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results. (Jack Dickson)   increase 1
      decrease 1
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