Western Natural Philosopher Chronology

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Click the Period or Name banisters to sort dates and names into ascending or descending order. A '0' precedes dates in the period column earlier than the year 1000 to enable the Wiki sorting function (hence character string like c. or fl. follows first date). All years are anno domini (AD) unless otherwise noted; date that includes c. is approximate, fl. is flourished, and d. is died. Luminary name rendered in Latin or English or both is shown in parentheses. As many natural philosophers were polymaths, the subject column may have multiple listings. Subject abbreviation: astronomical = astr.; biological, botanical and zoological = biol.; chemical and alchemical = chem.; geological and geographical = geo.; medical, physiological, and anatomical = med.; physical or mechanical = phys..


Period Name Subject(s) Noted for
9e99 ~z
310 BC - c. 230 BC Aristarchos of Samos astr.
1501 - 1576 Cardano, Girolamo (Hieronymus Cardanus or Jerome Cardan)
1114 - 1187 Cremona, Gerardo da (Gerardus Cremonensis)
410 or 408 BC – 355 or 347 BC Eudoxos of Knidos (Eudoxas of Cnidus)
980 - 1187 Cremona, Gerardo da (Gerardus Cremonensis)
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