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KMLA GLPS History of the Sciences Team 과학사 팀

Alexander Ganse
Camp manager Alexander Ganse has been teaching world history at KMLA since 1997. Originally from Germany and an expert historian, Ganse helps students and staff put historical ideas into their proper context. Ganse wrote his graduate thesis by comparing Friesland and Gotland between c. 1100 and c. 1500.

Arthur E. Michalak
Art Michalak studied physics in college and holds an M.S. in physics pedagogy. He came to GLPS in 2010, teaching through a mix of natural sciences, history, and now the history of science. In fall 2011 he created the Gain historicaL Perspective in the natural Sciences project (GLPS2) and the wiki.

Andrew Górski
Andrew Górski was born in Washington, D.C., studied philosophy, and came to Korea in 2007. He is presently a postgraduate in philosophy (phenomenology). Górski studied Korean at Yonsei University's languages school, has competed in several taekkyeon matches and often practices it in his free time. He came to the GLPS program in 2013.

Cho Young-woong (TA, weeks 1-4, GLPS 20)
Cho Young-woong entered KMLA in 2013 in the eighteenth wave. He was born in Changwon and currently lives in Gwangmyeong. At KMLA he is on the natural sciences track and plans to study architecture in college.

Oh Kwonsok (TA, weeks 1-4, GLPS 19)
From Daegu, Kwonsok Oh entered KMLA in the fifteenth wave. GLPS 19 is his first ever involvement in the program. He is interested in Korean history and hopes to become an eminent mathematician. Oh is now (2013) at Brown University, USA.

Myeong Do-hyeong (TA, weeks 3-4, GLPS 18)
Myeong Do-Hyeong is interested in history, linguistics, creative writing, and other fields in the humanities and social sciences. From Daejeon, she entered KMLA at the fifteenth wave. Myeong has been a GLPS TA several times and enjoys teaching students history. Her lifetime goal is to travel around the world more than three times, write something [more] interesting than Harry Potter, and speak many languages. Myeong is now (2013) at Princeton University, USA.

Yoo Jin Sun (TA, weeks 1-2, GLPS 18)
A zealot of Classical music, Yoo Jin-sun entered KMLA in 2011 in the sixteenth wave. Since then, he has been participating in various musical activities, most notably, in the KMLA orchestra as the contrabassist. Though music is his top priority, he also loves history (he was the only student in the minjok field to take Alexander Ganse's AP European History course). A strict keeper of the code, his motto is "No exception, no acception". Yoo was head TA at GLPS 19, and is now at Seoul National University school of business.

Yoo Seung-In (TA, weeks 3-4, GLPS 17)
Teaching assistant for classes 19 and 20 Yoo Seung-In is at history of the sciences for the second-half at GLPS. He entered KMLA in the sixteenth wave last year in 2011. Yoo sat for Mr. Ganse's AP European History class and is planning to take AP World History next semester. Originally from Busan, Seung-in spent 2007 to 2010 in China before entering KMLA. Though a computer geek, he much enjoys learning about history. Yoo was head TA at GLPS 20.

Cartesius David Kim (TA, weeks 1-2, GLPS 17)
Teaching assistant for classes 19 and 20 David Kim aided the history of the sciences program during the first-half at GLPS. From Daejeon, he entered KMLA in 2011; his favorite subject is mathematics. He studies mechanical engineering at Cooper Union.

KMLA GLPS Staff Portraits

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