Korean gunpowder in the fourteenth century

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Choi Mu-Seon (c. 1326–1395) was a medieval Korean scientist, inventor, and military commander during the late Goryeo Dynasty and early Joseon Dynasty. He is known for inventor of gunpowder, but he copied chinese gunpowder. But he made gunpowder, and destroyed 500 japanese pirates ships with his cannons. He ask government to make a new office(hwatongdogam 화통도감) which develop the technology of gunpowder.He invented a lot of weapons like dea-janggun(대장군), i-janggun(이장군), chunjachongtong(천자총통),jijachongtong(지자총통), juhwa(주화) and singijun(신기전). These weapons did great role in Joseon Dynasty.


His Gunpowder

His gunpowder contaminated 75% of saltpetre, 15% of charcoal, and 10% of sulfur. Actually, this formula makes the biggest explosion in black powder. But this formula is less than nitroglycerin(basic ingredient of dynamite). He got problem when he develop his gunpowder, he could not collect saltpetre. He collected saltpetre from the corner of the old kitchen. He asked 'Lee Won' how to produce saltpetre artificially.

His Invention

He invented weapons that use his gunpowder. For example, dea-janggun(대장군), i-janggun(이장군), chunjachongtong(천자총통),jijachongtong(지자총통), hwangjachongtong(황자총통),hyunjachongtong(현자총통), juhwa(주화), jillyeopo(질예포) and singijun(신기전).

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