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Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen I'm 신혜수 and the topic of my presentation is 첨성대 which is well known the oldest astronomical observations in the Eastern hemisphere.

Korean scholars interested in 첨성대 the tower and thought about it. Some people said it was astronomical observation and some people said it was the standard meridian, and some people said it was a symbol of the observatory. They got many wonders like what is advantage of this tower? Why there is no stairway to easy to access to the top? and so on... So today I'm going to talk about these questions.

첨성대 was constructed in Silla dynasty (57BC-AD935) during Queen 선덕‘s reign in 633. It is still standing in the capital city of Silla, Gyeongju which locate in southern of Korea today. This stargazing tower has never been remodeled over since that existed so, it's one of the oldest astronomical observatory in East Asia. It's 9.17meter high with the upper part diameter of 2.85m and the lower part diameter of 4.93m. There is a door at 4.16m and there was a ladder. Cheomseongdae is a very scientific and every stone is embedded in the symbolic meaning. Cheomseongdae consists of three parts. 첨성대 is constituted with 362 stonepieces and 27 for the round main body. It means the Queen Seondeok was 27th monarch of the Silla dynasty. and include the top of the 첨성대 it is 28 layers, it is symbol of the 28 constellation. and 362 of stonepieces mean total number of days for one solar year. Also the 12 layers above and below the south window mean number of monthes for one year. There are 2 layers the bottom of the 첨성대 and it shaped square. The top of the 첨성대 is shaped like this 井, it points north, south, east and west exactly. There is window to the south. Vernal equinox and the autumnal equinox, the sun shines Cheomseongdae to the floor. The winter solstice and the summer solstice the sun does not reach the floor so we can notice the 4 seasons.So 첨성대 has various symbols and scientific structure.

In conclusion, I think 첨성대 is really nice tower because, it is higher than ground, so our forefathers could observe astronomy easily. So it had helped the astronomy of Silla a lot. and For a long time has not been compromised. 첨성대 was designated in 유네스코 because it is nice at artistic, scientific and technological.

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