Bibliography of books for scientific study of Japan before 1720

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Title Title (Eng.) Date Author Comment
I-ching Book of Changes before 400 BC   Japanese, "Ekikyo"
Zhou-pi suan-ching Arithmetical classic of the Zhou gnomon before 256 BC   An original compilation based on observational data of the preceding two centuries.
Ssu-fen li Ssu-fen li calendar c. 400-104 BC    
Huang-ti nei-chin Yellow emperor's inner classic 3rd, 4th centuries BC    
Shen-nung pen-ts'ao ching Divine Cultivator's classic on materia medica c. 300 BC Shen Nung 125 drugs for immortality; 120 kinds for sustaining health; 125 for curing diseases.
Zhou li Rituals of Zhou 2nd century BC   Idealized depiction of government in Zhou times.
Shih chi Records of the Grand Historian before 93 BC Ssu-ma Ch'ien  
San-t'ung li San-t'ung li calendar 104 BC-AD 84 Liu Hsin  
Chiu-chang suan-shu Nine chapters on mathematical art 1st century    
Shang-han tsa-ping lun On cold damage disorders early 3rd century Chang Chung-ching  
Mo ching Classic on pulsation 3rd century Wang Shu-ho  
Mo-teng-ch'ieh ching Canon of astrology based on lunar mansions 230   Indian astrology exported to China.
Hai-tao suan-ching Sea island mathematical manual 263 Liu Hui Appendix, concerned with measurements of heights and distances determined by similar and right triangles.
Chia-i-ching Classic on acupuncture and moxibustion   Mi Huang-fu  
Yuan-chia li Yuan-chia li calendar 443   Brought to Japan in c. 7th century.
Sun-tzu suan-chin Mathematical manual of Master Sun late 3rd to late 5th centuries    
Lu-li chih Treatise of harmonics and calendrical astronomy   Tsu Ch'ung-chih (d. 501)  
Chui shu Coupling method   Tsu Ch'ung-chih Compiled the Ta-ming li calendar.
Chang Ch'iu-chien suan-ching Mathematical manual of Chang Ch'iu-chien 6th century    
Pen-ts'ao chi-chu Collected annotations on materia medica 6th century Tao Hung-ching (d. 536) Lists 730 substances.
Chiu-chih li       Chu-t'an Lo compiled two unoffical calendars; Chu-t'an His-ta, an Indian who served in the Tang court, in 718 translated into Chinese this book.
Ch'i-ku suan-ching Continuation of ancient mathematics 625 Wang Hsiao-t'ung Problem solved by cubic equation; earliest known Chinese advance over quadratic equations.
Suan-ching shi-shu Ten mathematical manuals 656   Edited in 656 by officials used at the Tang university (Kuo-tzu-chien).
Hsin-hsiu pen-ts'ao Newly revised materia medica 659   Imperial request by Su Ching. Expanded list of 850 entries.
Kojiki Record of ancient matters 712    
Nihon Shoki Chronicles of Japan 720    
Ta-yen li Ta-yen li [calendar] 727 I-hsing (d. 727) Brought to Japan in 735, adopted three decades later.
Hsiu-yao ching Canon of lunar mansions and planets 759 Amoghavajra Japanese, "Sukuyokyo" and "Sukuyodo".
Wu-chi li Wu-chi li [calendar] 763   Imported by Japan in 780, adopted in 858.
Yakkei taiso Outline of materia medica c. 781-806 Wake no Hiroyo Earliest known medical work produced in Japan; short manual.
Fu-t'ien li Fu-t'ien li [calendar] 780-783 Ts'ao Shih-wei Unofficial Chinese calendar. Brought to Japan 957 by a monk.
Ch'i-yao jang-tsai chueh Formulas for avoiding calamities according to the seven luminaries early 9th century    
Hsuan-ming li Hsuan-ming li [calendar] 822 Hsu Ang Used in China 822-892, adopted in Japan in 862 as "Senmyoreki".
Nihonkoku kenzaisho mokuroku Catalogue of books seen in Japan 890    
Honzo wamyo Japanese names of drugs 920 Fukane Sukehito  
Ishinpo Essential medical prescriptions 984 Tamba no Yasuyori  
Iryakusho Selected therapies 1081 Tamba no Masatada  
Ho-chi-chu fang Official prescriptions 1106    
Sukuyo unmei kanroku Record of fate prognostication according to the mansions and planets 1112   Earliest known horoscope in Japan, cast for a young boy.
Samguk sagi History of the Three Kingdoms 1145 Gim Busik  
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