Bibliography of books for scientific study of Japan before 1720

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Title Title (Eng.) Date Author Comment
I-ching Book of Changes before 400 BC   Japanese, "Ekikyo"
Zhou-pi suan-ching Arithmetical classic of the Zhou gnomon before 256 BC   An original compilation based on observational data of the preceding two centuries.
Ssu-fen li Ssu-fen li calendar c. 400-104 BC    
Huang-ti nei-chin Yellow emperor's inner classic 3rd, 4th centuries BC    
Shen-nung pen-ts'ao ching Divine Cultivator's classic on materia medica c. 300 BC Shen Nung 125 drugs for immortality; 120 kinds for sustaining health; 125 for curing diseases.
Zhou li Rituals of Zhou 2nd century BC   Idealized depiction of government in Zhou times.
Shih chi Records of the Grand Historian before 93 BC Ssu-ma Ch'ien  
San-t'ung li San-t'ung li calendar 104 BC-AD 84 Liu Hsin  
Chiu-chang suan-shu Nine chapters on mathematical art 1st century    
Shang-han tsa-ping lun On cold damage disorders early 3rd century Chang Chung-ching  
Mo ching Classic on pulsation 3rd century Wang Shu-ho  
Mo-teng-ch'ieh ching Canon of astrology based on lunar mansions 230   Indian astrology exported to China.
Hai-tao suan-ching Sea island mathematical manual 263 Liu Hui Appendix, concerned with measurements of heights and distances determined by similar and right triangles.
Chia-i-ching Classic on acupuncture and moxibustion   Mi Huang-fu  
Yuan-chia li Yuan-chia li calendar 443   Brought to Japan in c. 7th century.
Sun-tzu suan-chin Mathematical manual of Master Sun late 3rd to late 5th centuries    
Lu-li chih Treatise of harmonics and calendrical astronomy   Tsu Ch'ung-chih (d. 501)  
Chui shu Coupling method   Tsu Ch'ung-chih Compiled the Ta-ming li calendar.
Chang Ch'iu-chien suan-ching Mathematical manual of Chang Ch'iu-chien 6th century    
Pen-ts'ao chi-chu Collected annotations on materia medica 6th century Tao Hung-ching (d. 536) Lists 730 substances.
Chiu-chih li       Chu-t'an Lo compiled two unoffical calendars; Chu-t'an His-ta, an Indian who served in the Tang court, in 718 translated into Chinese this book.
Ch'i-ku suan-ching Continuation of ancient mathematics 625 Wang Hsiao-t'ung Problem solved by cubic equation; earliest known Chinese advance over quadratic equations.
Suan-ching shi-shu Ten mathematical manuals 656   Edited in 656 by officials used at the Tang university (Kuo-tzu-chien).
Hsin-hsiu pen-ts'ao Newly revised materia medica 659   Imperial request by Su Ching. Expanded list of 850 entries.
Kojiki Record of ancient matters 712    
Nihon Shoki Chronicles of Japan 720    
Ta-yen li Ta-yen li [calendar] 727 I-hsing (d. 727) Brought to Japan in 735, adopted three decades later.
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